Tansetsu In English



Masayoshi Nishiyama

 A grove was at the point of my eyes. A whitish thing of an ellipse form was hanging down from the third tree from my side of the woods. When I approached, it was a pig.
 A bedroom town in Tokyo. The housing development spread out in the south side, and the residence of a single-family house spread out in the north side. A straight road was between just them, and there was a park which is a size of about two for ground of amateur baseball.
 I came to here on business. It was the first visit. There was a bench with a table. I flung an attache case, and sat down. The mark of the handle was stuck to my palm.
 I had a smoke, and turned my eyes in the direction which the sun sets in. Then, I did because I stood up.
 The pig was hanging itself.
 Although I was confused, to be sure, it was a pig. Besides, the situation was clearly different from it which is hanging down from the butcher. First of all, that pig was alive. It was a white and beautiful pig.
 It seemed to be a male, and to be still young. Our eyes met. It seemed that he was laughing.
 "Hey, What are you doing in such a place?"
 I tried to shake it. Then, he took out the gums and said "Hi my brother, don't you try to do like me?". For some reason, that pig could speak a language.
 A soccer ball has rolled over here. A young mother ran in pursuit of it here. A smell of woman drifted. "Isn't she nice?" That pig said, and winked.
 "More than such a thing, aren't you painful?"
 "Yes, I am."
 When I thought that the neck of a pig would be where, he taught "It's here". However, his forelimb was too short and I did not understand it well where he pointed at.
 A woman who took a dog came from a narrow path over there. She looked suspiciously at me, and went past at a quick pace. The dog barked.

Japanese-English translated by author himself
May to July 2006 The Tansetsu Mailing list session
First edition publicated on a monthly literary magazine "The Tansetsu" June issue 2006
upload:1 August 2006

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